Temple stay​

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Only one group at a time.

Japanese and English available.

Buddhism is a philosophy that is meaningful to people who live in the present.


"I hope to experience Japanese culture."

"I hope to experience healing for my future."

"I hope to reconsider myself."

If you are thinking these thoughts,

We want to answer your wish.


 We will give you the experience you hope.

Unless there is a Temple Emergency,

 We will be available for all these varities of Experience. 

Feel free to meditate in a relaxed manner in a Main Hall, in a  Tatami room or in a Bamboo grove. 

You can feel the value of nature.

You can look into yourself. 

Calm your mind by carrying out brush strokes with undivided attention.

You will need two hours to transcribe the `Heart Sutra` which is the most famous sutra in Japan.

You will feel refreshed.


You can use sport or running shoes, because the hike is easy.

The view on the mountain peak is amazing, giving a sense of fulfillment.

With well water, you can cleanse your body and mind.

But, I do not recommend it in mid Winter and early Spring,

because it`s very cold.

After dousing with the water, you will feel warm.

Fire Purifying Ritual(Extra charge)

Write  your wishes on sticks and burn them in a Fire of Hope.

You will receive passion to fulfill your way and goal.


We are living while receiving many lives of animals and plants for eating.

That is why, we must cherish our time, our connection, our life and ourself.

Experience of Canoeing(Extra charge)

If a  Canoe instructor is avaibible (usually holiday), and  if you are more than 4 people,

you can go canoeing on the Yura river near the temple.

​¥3,000/1 person/1 hour

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If you hope, you can  experience to pray at morninng and cleaninng of temple.


Game fowl

​`Syamo`is game fowl for fighting. It carefully raised in ayabe.

Eating is receiving many lifes.

I want to understand the meaning.


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​Syamo set (one case)

Japanese many dishes

​Monk of temple cook seasonal foods and takeing in temple with all mind.

I do not provide  Vegetarian food, because I want to understand that eating is  receiving many lifes.

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Japanese many dishes (one case)


Rice porridge and pickles

Monk  ​pickle seasonal vegetables in a temple.


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This Inn is called `Kyakuden`or`Hanare`

Our Guest use this space basically.

No cooler and no TV.


Guests are dedicated.

Please take off your shoes.


​It is standing on a hill.

There is a river and trees under the eyes.


This is built before 100 years.

Pure Japanese style.

The View

The scenery from the room.

It`s most luxury in shourekiji.














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​    中学生以上のお子様は、大人と同料金でお願いいたします。